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The Work is home to it all. Campaigns, Festival Talks, industry studies and more – everything you need to create better.

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Learn from decades of Award-winning work – discovering how ideas that changed the world were briefed, researched, and crafted.

Go deeper with Festival Talks and video studies on the industry’s hot topics. Find inspiration in creative debriefs and the global LIONS community – helping you produce culture-shaping creative success, and measurable business growth.

Whatever your creativity looks like – explore insight, strategy, executions and outcomes – and create better. 

Better insights

Maximise your effectiveness with reports and rankings. Follow the creative journeys of the biggest global brands in debriefs, and uncover industry trends and success drivers through deep dive studies.

Better ideas

Access a gateway of inspiration through curated collections of work – unpacking key creative themes in bitesize sections, complete with actionable lessons. Understand the strategy, insights and outcomes that won, so you can go one better.

Better understanding

Find exactly what you’re looking for with responsive search features for over 250,000 pieces of the world’s best work. Navigate by Event, Award, Sector, Year and so much more – fueling your creative approach, and enhancing your creative output.