21 June 2019 / Host: Optimist w/ SKODA + Marriott International / Stage: Audi A

Brand experience is often thought of as the culmination of a marketing campaign, but the industry is missing the point. The brands of the future will be hyper-connected to their consumers in a variety of ways that will need to be more grounded and authentic than ever before. Brand experience is the tactically agnostic mindset of engaging directly with a brand’s specific consumers -- it's a human experience. In this talk, Optimist, joined by leading marketers from Marriott, and ŠKODA will discuss the nuances of brand experience across industries and explain how all brands should create quality experiences to build meaningful connections with consumers.


Rose Odeh

Rose Odeh


Jennifer  Utz Ilecki

Jennifer Utz Ilecki

Vice President, Buzz Marketing & Partnerships

Marc-Andreas  Brinkmann

Marc-Andreas Brinkmann

Head of Marketing