18 June 2019 / Host: Forrester Research / Stage: Debussy Theatre

The CMO’s focus on improving customer experience and building direct to consumer relationships has delivered their firms growth, but at the expense of differentiating their brands and the solvency of agencies, their go-to partners for creative brand thinking. As customer experiences become commodified, creative thinking has never been more important. The Value of Agency Creativity will explore the rise of technology investments in contrast with the deterioration of execution quality, agency and production investments. We will use exclusive Forrester data and ROI models to demonstrate the value of creativity to business goals and financial growth. Most importantly, we will draw the conclusions for what it means for marketers, their firms and agencies.


Jay Pattisall

Principal Analyst

Jeff Robertson

Chief Marketing Officer

Kimberley Gardiner

VP & Chief Marketing Officer

Laurent Faracci

Executive Vice President of Global Category Develeopment