Cannes Lions

14 Years

ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / MARS / 2016

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The idea is simple and direct: what if you only had fourteen years to live? What would your life be like?The text lists ways that people might choose to live their life during such a short time. Knowing that generally, when people find out that they only have a short time to live, they start making the most of it, we bring the consumer over to our side and only reveal at the end that we’re talking about a dog. Then we emphasize that that’s why they are the way they are, happy as can be. The poster had to be beautiful and poetic,like the text, but at the same time not give away the final message. We didn’t want the consumer to realize at the outset that we were talking about the life of a dog. The text had to be inviting for the reader,and attractive to look at.


The posters are simple, poetic, and visually oriented in order to guide people towards an understanding of the idea. Besides black, the posters only feature one other color: the brand’s color, a yellow that’s 100% yellow and 30% magenta. The lines of text are divided up elegantly, carrying the reader through to the end easily, but also poetically. To underscore the “14 years” concept, the average lifespan of a dog and the basis for the idea, there is a yellow line – evidently the sun pouring out of a door. The figure of a dog is standing in this tiny door, but it’s almost impossible to make out, so as to not give away the content of the text. The poster was made digitally and then printed on cotton paper.


The brand is extremely closely linked to dogs. This poster helped the brand highlight this relationship even more, and lead each dog owner to draw inspiration from their dog, living their life more joyfully – alongside their dog, of course. Consumers’ responses were totally positive; they understood the message, and, even beyond that, they were touched and grew even closer to their dogs afterwards.

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