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19 Degree

EP+CO, New York / TUMI / 2017

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When launching TUMI’s 19 Degree, we wanted to inspire the world to take their perfect journey, with 19 films, about 19 epic journeys, with 19 different travelers, captured by 19 unique directors. All inspired by one 19 Degree bag. Because no matter the journey, we all require the same attention to detail and functionality in our luggage. But we didn’t do it alone.

We followed nine eclectic travelers, then created a film competition with Tribeca Film Festival giving up-and-coming directors the opportunity to film their own perfect journey. We looked at multiple treatments, narrowed them to ten, and off they went. The content captured was used for films and also pre-roll, social, print, digital and experiential.

After countless miles traveled, 19 perfect journeys were made proving it’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey.


For the first nine films, we commissioned nine experienced directors and identified nine influencers we wanted to follow around the world as they told their version of the perfect journey.

For the other ten films, we partnered with a well-known film festival and solicited submissions from young directors within its network. With the help of a celebrity jury, we sorted through the treatments and narrowed them down to the final. Those ten were given stipends, bags and a very short timeline.

The first film was shot on July 28, 2016, and the final film in March 2017. The films rolled out in a staggered manner. The first media placement happened in October 2016, with placements continuing through this summer.

All 19 films will be screened at Tribeca Film Festival in April, followed by jury and director Q&A and an on-site experience in an immersive geodesic dome.


The campaign achieved 320MM+ impressions in the United States. Our videos alone have garnered over 98MM views, 46.5MM completed views. Through our paid social distribution mix across Facebook and Instagram, we’ve received over 95,000 engagements and 2.7MM completed video views. We’ve witnessed over 380,401 total sessions to our landing page since launch. Additionally, our global impressions have exceeded 20T.

To date, Tumi received $6.3MM in product sales from those who’ve engaged with our 19 Degree content. Q4 2016 North American sales were 48% above planned and Q1 2017 global sales were 19% above planned.

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