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For rock climbers, performance and stamina is a matter of life and death. They often spend time at high elevations or in remote locations climbing walls that are subject to extreme weather changes—from blazing sun to rain and snow—creating the perfect environment to show how valuable 37.5 Technology can be.

To have climbers experience 37.5 Technology when they need it most, we opened the world’s most remote popup shop on the side of a rock wall 300 feet in the air. Climbers making their way up this notoriously difficult climb in Colorado could upgrade their apparel mid-climb to help them better tackle the extreme conditions ahead.


Building the world’s most remote popup shop required extensive prototyping and testing of frames, anchor points, and pulley mechanisms. The starting foundation was a portaledge that was modified with a larger base and internal frame to create the box-like store structure. Lightweight materials were key as the remote popup shop would need to be pulled behind experienced climbers to its final mounting position each day.

Once constructed, the Cliffside Shop was open for two days, from sunrise to sunset, on a famous climbing route in Colorado. It was manned by an actual 37.5 Technology employee and stocked with clothing from Adidas and Rab featuring 37.5 Technology.

Hundreds of climbers and thousands of spectators experienced the Cliffside Shop firsthand, but the two-day activation was also filmed to create three pieces of video content used across YouTube, Facebook and a programmatic buy. The paid media campaign lasted for two months.


PR for the Cliffside Shop delivered more than 300 million earned media impressions, a value of $850,000 (USD). The story appeared in a broad range of publications, including Hypebeast, The Daily Telegraph, USA Today, Inc., Travel+Leisure, and Climbing magazine. The paid media plan generated 2.4 million video views, a video completion rate of 33% (17% above retail norms and 19% above apparel norms), with a cost per view of $0.04 (retail norm is $.06 and apparel norm is $.10). The 37.5 website saw a 255% increase in visits, and a YouTube brand lift study reported a 51% increase in ad recall and a 45% lift in brand awareness. The campaign led to several new brand partnerships, which represent sales of more than 3x the campaign’s production spend.