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3Drinkable Billboard

DAVID, Miami / COCA-COLA / 2023

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As part of an ongoing brief, our goal was to use the real magic only Coca-Cola can bring to uplift consumers in the times they need it most — when they’re feeling down, bored, or slumping.


There is nothing less magical than having to wait around in an airport, navigating endless lines, checkpoints, delays, and cancellations. So, to bring some real magic to those who need it most, Coca-Cola created the “3Drinkable Billboard,” the first 3D billboard to bridge the virtual world and reality.

While most 3D billboards tantalize you with products, this unique billboard turned virtual Cokes into real, drinkable beverages every minute, surprising travelers from around the world who needed a boost.

Upon each activation of the billboard, Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” -prominently featured in the brand’s Masterpiece spot - would emerge to pass a Coke from our billboard to travelers passing by, transporting the beverage from our billboard through glowing tubes into a dispenser below.


Coca-Cola's “Real Magic” brand platform celebrates how it provides uplifting refreshment in moments that matter. Its latest expression featured a short film set in an art museum where a diverse collection of artwork comes together to deliver a Coke to a slumping teenager. But how could we expand on that concept while creating a direct link with our audience? Our approach was to identify places and spaces where “Real Magic” is most needed and create a human connection by bringing enchantment to people’s everyday moments, using a character prominently featured in the spot.


“3Drinkable Billboard” was created in record time for a 3D billboard and special build installation, crafted in one month. The installation was introduced to the Guarulhos International Airport, one of the biggest and busiest airports in South America. The delivery apparatus connecting the billboard to the dispenser, including the dispenser itself, was all custom built for this installation. Over 1,700 Cokes were brought to life and delivered to passengers as part of the activation on the first week alone, one per minute. The 3D billboard is also being implemented in several other markets around the world, including China, Mexico and Argentina.


“3Drinkable Billboard” brought real magic to over 230,000 consumers traveling through Guarulhos International Airport, turning one of the most boring experiences in the world into a moment of real magic. Fans constantly lined up for a taste throughout our activation period, consistently outnumbering those in the adjacent check-in line. The activation was picked up by several media outlets, extolling its “first-of-its-kind" nature and ability to bridge the virtual and real world. In the end, for every bottle the 3Drinkable billboard dispensed, the brand received $32.35 in earned media, making it the most talked about 3D billboard in Latin America to date.

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