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Two couples are chatting in the living room of a house when the doorbell rings. But... none of them is expecting anybody. A mystery emerges. “Who could that be?” From then on, the narrative of the film can develop through any of 4 different climates (each climate is the perspective of one of the characters). Users click on the character they want to continue the story, revealing one of four endings, each more surprising and varied than the next (funny, frightening, sexy, and dramatic). The signoff explains that each person can feel a different climate – hence the importance of your car having an air-conditioning system with 4 different temperatures.


The film is done with minimalist illustrations and impactful scores that lend the characters emotion and life. The film is interactive, and it’s up to the user to make each of the 4 stories (each of the characters’ perspectives) unfold and develop. To make this interactivity possible, YouTube annotations were the tool of choice.


The results were the best they could possibly be. We were able to make a film that translated the concept of Volkswagen’s technology in a creative way. The link to the site was shared abundantly. Consumers spent an average of two and a half minutes on the site. Consequently, access to the Volkswagen site increased, as did access to Volkswagen’s profiles on social networks.

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