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500 120th “Driven by Dreams” Campaign


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Fiat, in partnership with Apple, celebrates its 120th anniversary with a gift to its customers: a special model of its most iconic car, the Fiat 500, with 6 months of Apple Experience included.

So, the campaign had two main objectives: communicate the operation and celebrating an important moment for Fiat in a unique and memorable way. After all, the 120th birthday happens only once in life, and the main creative driver, according to the nature of the car, could only be music.


In the videoclip, the pivotal element of the campaign, the role of the car is to bring the main character, like a modern Alice, in her world through the mirror. Our protagonist takes a journey that, in a narrative loop between dream and reality, will grant her one of those wishes that can be expressed only once in a lifetime. Similarly, the idea expands into in commercial and editorial content: the car is always the dream box that makes desires suddenly real.


The strategy behind the campaign comes from what makes the Fiat 500 120th special: the celebration of an unrepeatable anniversary and music. For this reason, we’ve decided to spread the campaign like never before in the history of the Brand, that is with an ecosystem of content built around the official videoclip of an international single. The perfect occasion came with "Just One Lifetime" from the "44/876" album of two musical legends like Sting and Shaggy. The quality of the song and the content, driven by the massive multi-channel planning that the launch of a Fiat car provides, has allowed us to create a brilliantly successful communication case.


We entrusted the videoclip to one of the greatest professionals ever: the director Joseph Kahn, award-winning author of some of the most iconic works for major international artists. Kahn wrote and directed the videoclip in total autonomy, assimilating the car as a central element of the plot, as well as in commercial, teaser, editorial content.

The teaser went online on Fiat's official channels on February 18th. Two days later, we launched the videoclip, relaunching it to the social media profiles of Fiat, of the record label and the artists too. On May 5, the commercials (90 "and 45") and editorial contents went online, with a more tactical commercial purpose, followed by the TVC commercials on March 10th.


The massive media planning made it possible to reach more than 85% of the target on TV. The importance of the talent involved and the quality of the song and content allowed it to create widespread publicity throughout Europe, measurable in over 1 million average investments: music and lifestyle magazines, quotes in TV and news programs. The victory of the Grammy by "44/876" for the best reggae album, has amplified the campaign and the message.

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