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As a global beer brand, Heineken faces increasing competition from microbreweries boasting about their small scale to demonstrate ‘authenticity’ and ‘a personal connection’ to their product.

Heineken wanted to show that global success doesn’t equal indifference or compromised quality. There was no better place to prove this than in its hometown: Amsterdam.

Scores of young men visit Amsterdam every year, immersing themselves in its history and culture – in which Heineken has played a significant part since its 1873 founding. Since then, Heineken has become part of the fabric of Amsterdam – enjoyed on every corner. No better place to best show our commitment to our product and consumers than here.

Our objectives were clear:

1. Demonstrate that Heineken is crafted with care for its product and consumers

2. Transform a trip to our hometown: make it personal, authentic and surprising

3. Turn visiting strangers into Heineken advocates


The campaign ran in 6 markets: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA.

We used programmatic banners, customised landing pages, a Facebook Messenger Bot and activation key cords that identified participants in the Heineken Museum.

From the moment guys had opted in to get ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’, we started learning about their personal interests which we used to create a personalised product.

Through a Facebook Messenger chatbot we spent 28 days learning everything about the guys’ interests. By asking their yay or nay on suggestions and choosing between multiple choices we learned everything we needed to know to suggest a one-of-kind tour along the best hidden gems in our hometown.

This data was used to customise every element of the experience. The bottle was personalised to mark their day of arrival, the wrapper was custom designed and filled with destinations that matched individual character.

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