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is South Korea’s first space blockbuster film set in 2092 centered on the spaceship Victory.

Since it was a space blockbuster genre has never been tried in South Korea, everyone has been waiting for the film.

As long as everyone has been waiting, we needed to create an experience that people had never experience at the lifetime.


"One day, suddenly what if there were surreal objects and space in daily of people?"

We wanted to make the unrealistic background of 2092 of the film, to experience into our daily lives in 2021.

So we created a different transcendent space where is different from the real world in Seoul.


As it was a space blockbuster genre has never been tried in South Korea, we wanted the film Space Sweepers created the first direct experience to Korean about all the space. At the same time, we wanted to create all the non-face-to-face campaign for the safest but also most wonderful space experience.


We executed the space experiences step by step for successful launch of the film.

1) Teaser of the space

One month before launch of the film, a mysterious spacecraft crash land in Seoul with a large transient population. And for making buzz, we conducted a guerrilla field investigation performance.

2) Indirect experience of the space

What if my car could be a spaceship Victory and drive through space of 2092?

A week before launch date of the film, we created the space station where filled Space Sweepers worldview in shopping mall in Seoul.

3) Direct experience of the space

After successive experience about the space, finally in the building we used to see in daily the spaceship repairs and launches out. For this experience, we created the advent of a space garage in curved OOH media with optical illusions in the film's launching week.


Through the most safe experience campaign, which was all the non-face-to-face, the film Space Sweepers created a very big impact in Korea, and launched very successfully. In addition, the film got a great response from not only Korea but also overseas.

1) Netflix Korea No.1 Streaming Content in February 2021

2) 1,400+ articles and mass media during the marketing campaign period in South Korea

3) Most watched streaming content of February 2021 in 28 countries in Netflix