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A new generation to survive: Chevrolet Spark – a zombie refuge

CARAT, Mexico City / GENERAL MOTORS / 2017

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Our consumers the Gen Z and the Millennials feel sick of disruptive ads no matter the platform or content. They cannot like anything that interrupts what they enjoy doing. In Mexico 87% of respondents say ad interruptions are too frequent and 78% claim ads don’t respond to their preferences (Business Insider). Our proprietary study (Consumer Connection System) suggested we should embrace a growing trend of content integration. 53% prefer brand message integrated into the content and 70% would pay attention if format is new. With these key facts in mind we started looking for the next-thing-now on the content market. The launch of the 7th season of The Walking Dead was a highly anticipated TV event with suspense charging social conversations. Riding this wave meant meeting higher expectations in terms of surprise. We sat with the FOX team and brainstormed how Spark could naturally fit into Walking Dead promotional teasers.


Our camouflaged stories appeared in the most awaited moment of the year – before and during the launch of the new season of The Walking Dead. Six months holding breath after shocking end of previous season promised record breaking ratings (359% higher than average for the time slot). And we stole the moment! A tailor made teaser and a look alike production were enough to put the whole eyes over the Spark New Generation and its technology to survive a zombie attack. The reach was impressive but it was more the reaction it generated literally sparking thousands of comments by viewers amazed by an advertising form that never seemed like an advertising.


Chevrolet Spark hit the ground in a window of huge visibility: - Rating scores were 2.78 points for the first episode (vs Unicable 0.67, Space 0.26 or Warner 0.33 at the same slot) and by the end of season metrics raised to 3.08 points (vs Unicable 0.54, Space 0.36 or Warner 0.16 at the same slot). Note: 0.75 rating points are considered high in Mexican Pay TV. - 16,116,962.52 unique impacts (vs 58,706.76 in Warner during same time slot. This metric could be way higher due that during one episode many other actions were included such as bumpers and spots. -1336 views on Vimeo. - Resonance in digital due people tweeting about it. - Second place in “On air brand sponsor integrated spot” in Promax Latin America Awards 2016. -Roastbrief, specialized media in advertising, wrote about it as a great camouflaged execution (

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