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FOUND OBJECTS , New York / IBM / 2015

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"A New Way To Create" is a :90 long form film that features hundreds of images from around the world. Symmetrical polygons fly through the picture at a scorching pace to create a montage of activity. On top of all of this intense imagery, copy interjects with observations on the power of IBM's data technologies.


The music for "A New Way To Create" was written specifically for the IBM Think Forum campaign.

The film doesn't employ VO or sound effects so the music is featured as an integral part of the experience. The music imitates the image with fast, remix-like classical instrumentals phrases with modern electronic beats.

The music producer from the agency came to us to create music for six individual long form advertisements for IBM. The composer explored remixing classical music that he wrote himself with modern electronic synths and beats. The sampled elements came from a solo piano piece he had composed in grad school, as well as music from a ballet he wrote in the summer of 2014.

The composer mapped out each song across all 88-keys of a piano, in some cases fine-tuning the samples to capture a certain gesture or melodic riff. Together these samples created a thick layer of piano lines that are very reminiscent of Steve Reich's music. This formed the fundamental body of the piece on which layers of electronic synths and beats were added. Sampled staccato phrases from the classical ensemble were added to provide melodic contour.

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