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Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are on the rise among Thai millennial women. Many brands give empowering messages, i.e. feel strong, believe you can… and it’s all beginning to sound like empty brand talk with no real relevance to the increasing struggles they face everyday. Pantene wants to show support with a message based on understanding, empathy and authenticity.


Small changes outside can impact how we feel inside.


A lot of women get a new hairstyle when they want to feel different or when faced with challenging times. People often get a new style after a bad break-up, to prepare for a new job, after a new move etc. A simple change in hairstyle is the easiest way to get that ‘restart’ feeling. It’s the first small step towards self care. Instead of the usual ‘empowering’ talk, we remind them sometimes the smallest of change in hair can give a fresh feeling, even for the slightest moment.


A documentary of the real story of a renowned Thai actress, who played the role of a cancer patient, and was later diagnosed with brain tumour in real life. After she was diagnosed, to cope with it, she decided to experiment with different hairstyles (knowing that she’ll need to shave it in the end for the surgery). The reenactment of her diagnosis with a stand-in actress, leading to her preparing for the surgery in reality, blurs the line between fiction and life. ‘A Scripted Life’ combines real-time documentary (following her life events leading up to the surgery, without knowing the possible outcome), with an artistic portrayal that keeps viewers engaged.


The story proved to be inspiring and resonated extremely well with the target audience. Many shared tips on small things people can do daily to feel better. Leading to a wave of support and encouraging messages on social media. Others shared their personal life struggles and noted that the piece of content is a reminder to take better care of themselves everyday, starting with the smallest change.

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