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VMLY&R SOUTH AFRICA, Johannesburg / BOS ICE TEA / 2021

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Bees are the most important living thing on earth. They are responsible for the pollination of 75% of all our food. But bees are dying. Rapid urbanisation means bees need to travel further. They’re faced with pollution, high-density traffic and long distances, and only a few of them make it back from these trips.

As a natural, organic ice tea brand, BOS Ice Tea protects and sustains wild grown crops and the surrounding eco-system. We wanted to help educate our audience on the importance of protecting our vulnerable and volatile eco-system.


We created “A Spot of Tea to Save the Bees” – a sustainable packaging design that helped educate people on the importance of bees.

We took our standard 6-pack carton, and redesigned it to include pop out flowers. The flowers where inspired by local flora and was printed with special UV ink and bright colours to attract the bees.

People could pop out the flower, place it on an empty can and add a spot of tea to the top.

The flowers became refuelling stations for the bees, feeding them with our natural and organic ice tea. Plus, it was super simple to use.

The family sized promo pack educated people about the plight of bees and how a little action could help.


BOS Ice Tea is a locally-made, organic, and natural product - made with wild-grown South African rooibos. It is a local crop that is dependent on the health and work of one important living creature; the bee. Bees pollinate the rooibos crops and give life to BOS Ice Tea’s main ingredient. It’s an ingredient that’s not only good for people, but bees too. It gives bees the energy, hydration and nutrition - all natural properties of the delicious rooibos plant.

BOS looked to their ingredient, and vibrant packaging, when thinking of how to help reduce the declining bee populations. It was a natural fit. An organic, natural ice tea giving new life to the miracle worker that keeps their main ingredient growing - served on a UV flower that attracted bees to a spot of tea that re-energised them to continue a journey of mutual sustainability.


We created 3 bespoke boxes for 3 of our most popular flavours. The design was inspired by local flora as well as the way bees see the world. The printing technique replicated the way actual flowers look to a bee, with bright and vibrant colours, along with specially coated UV inks to create a bullseye to attract and guide a little bee.

The packs contained all the instructions and educational information needed. Each flower easily popped out of the carrier pack as a perforation, and contained a small debossed indent which held the perfect little “spot of tea”.


The reimagined BOS Ice Tea packaging helped the brand establish their voice in the mission to protect and uphold our eco-system, and educated people on the importance of bees.

The promotional pack raised awareness while giving people a participative solution all revolving around the product.

We plan to roll out The Spot of Tea pack across various effected regions in the country to raise awareness around the importance of bees.

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