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A Very Busy Spring

LOFT, New York / LOFT / 2016

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LOFT is a confident, feminine brand that with a playful, offbeat sense of humor—just like our customers. The LOFT girl prefers a day with friends and family over shopping and has a strong affinity for digital media. Philipps was perfect partner for this campaign: She isn’t just an actress; she’s a working mom. She’ll always make you laugh—and she’d rather spend the day baking than go to a red carpet event.

“A Very Busy Spring” follows Philipps as she celebrates the arrival of a new season and tackles the daunting and relatable task of spring cleaning, using a Japanese cleaning philosophy that encourages followers to assess every item in their homes and keep only those that “spark joy.” The concept allowed us to tap into the online buzz around both spring cleaning and this particular Japanese method-turned-worldwide phenomenon, while also subtly spotlighting our spring collection.


The March 17 release and month-long run of our campaign was timed to align with and inspire our customer’s spring cleaning and seasonal shopping habits.

“A Very Busy Spring” debuted on Facebook, YouTube, and a dedicated portal on and was promoted by both Philipps’s and LOFT’s social channels (2.8 million combined followers), LOFT’s dedicated newsletter, strategic paid promotion and organic media coverage, including two national television segments on Access Hollywood.

Paid promotion was focused on BuzzFeed, Facebook and YouTube and targeted millennial women (24-35) who expressed an interest in shopping, fashion, Busy Philipps among other attributes.

Additionally, teaser clips posted to Instagram throughout the month of the campaign enabled our followers to shop directly from the video, using Like2Buy’s mobile platform and directing them to the LOFT site, where they could add Busy’s picks into their shopping cart and check out instantly—all from their phone.


The video was a viral hit, with more than 3MM views, 10,000+ shares, and 900+ comments in the first two weeks. The video over-performed on all paid placements by 105% (Buzzfeed), 21% (Facebook) and 93% (YouTube).

LOFT was not only an active participant in our audience’s conversation, we were leading it. Our customer identified with Busy and tagged her friends, making plans for spring cleaning and shopping.

According to a study with YouTube and Google, the video resulted in an 8.7% increase in brand lift. Customers who watched more than once were 3x more likely to shop with LOFT over our competitors.

A Very Busy Spring is the most popular video we’ve ever published and the most successful branded content we’ve ever produced, resulting in over 200MM media impressions across digital, print and broadcast outlets, local coverage in our top markets, and two national TV spotlights on Access Hollywood.