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MEDIACOM, Johannesburg / AUDI / 2009

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Billboards countrywide were outfitted with a close-up of the new Audi’s breathtaking grille and headlights. Negotiations with media owners and road councils were a success, and for the first time, billboards outside of suburbs were lit from inside, a project which required significant alterations to each structure. When the sun set, the Audi headlights upon the billboards shone with the same electricity-efficient Xenon technology utilised in the vehicles upon the road. The effect was a solid portrayal of Audi’s ethos of ‘Vorsprung’ (Leaping Ahead) in technology and design, and a direct reflection of the willingness of the brand to innovate beyond standard routes. The Xenon lights greeted people from afar, and stayed with them long after they passed by. The execution was complemented by synergistic use of TV and print, while a dominant web presence and refer-a-friend mechanism allowed online traffic to respond to what was seen upon the road.


The campaign gained welcome public attention when callers complained to a national radio station about wastage of electricity. It was pointed out that the Xenon headlights are far more energy efficient than the usual billboard lighting. The radio station apologised extensively, creating public awareness of the technological enhancement of the Audi A4 and the brand, at no cost. Sales increased by 61% within a month, four times the amount of the closest competitor (BMW). This was the largest segment increase since [NCA], despite a declining market and high interest rate; the result of a campaign as innovative as the vehicle.

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