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VENABLES BELL & PARTNERS, San Francisco / AUDI / 2012


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The assignment: launch a brand new, jaw-dropping European luxury sportback from a white-hot auto brand. However - that jaw-dropping luxury sportback was the Audi A7, with an average price tag around $15K more than the average American consumer prefers to spend on this type of vehicle.


Our message: the design of the A7 is bold enough to inspire the world around it. We went into the world and created something boldly influenced by the Audi A7. We partnered with the City of San Francisco to transform 2 of the most popular blocks downtown, creating a better and bolder pedestrian experience. The Audi Design Project: Progress on Powell Street was an innovative urban renewal campaign, led by renowned designer Walter Hood, who drew his inspiration from the A7.


All 3 of our client objectives were bested; online conversations about the Audi A7 jumped 200% during the campaign, the A7’s no.1 luxury vehicle challenger was ousted as category leader since the A7’s launch in the US market, and downtown San Francisco received a bold, beautifully-designed place to gather, leaving Audi with an elevated public opinion.

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