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Abandon the Fan

WARD6, Sydney / PFIZER / 2017

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The fan had been a common and cliché advertising device associated with relieving the hot flushes associated with menopause.

In order to make a play on competitor advertising we devised the “Abandon Fan” concept. The idea centres around the notion that patients could now abandon their fans because a new generation therapy was on its way.


We strategically placed abandoned fans outside medical centres, bus stops, drains, dumpsters in the bush and at the beach. These images were posted on social media. Mock editorial pieces ran in Australian Doctor to create a true sense of newsworthiness. An Abandoned fan mini feature film also ran as in-line video across key Healthcare Professionals digital platforms.


The campaign ran for a very short time, only 2 weeks prior to product launch to ensure that it was current and newsworthy just before launch. The timing in the case of this project was actually a challenge as January is traditionally a quiet media time for doctors as many are on holidays over the January period. With a February product launch looming we only had a very small window with which to tease the market. Placement of the teaser campaign included rep teaser cards as direct mail with all product orders, front cover banner advertising in Australian Doctor, mock editorial in Australian Doctor over 2 weeks 27/1/17, 3/2/17 and inline video which ran across Australian Doctor website 27/1/17, 3/2/17. An installation of fans was placed at key Pfizer conferences to evoke the interest of Pfizer sales force and health care professionals.

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