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§219a prohibits doctors from providing public information about the medical facts surrounding an abortion - the 1933 law is a relic from Germany's darkest days. It criminalizes doctors and results in important information being withheld from those affected.

The women's rights organization Terre des Femmes has long supported the fight against this law and is now planning a campaign that is no longer content with a simple appeal, but includes a clear call to action. Everyone, really everyone, should be able to join so that a creative campaign becomes a real movement. Because it is high time to act and to delete the paragraph from the German legal code once and for all.


Since paragraph 219a of the German Penal Code prohibits doctors in Germany from providing public information about the methods and risks of abortion - but not any other non-professional person - we are making non-doctors and absolute laypeople the ambassadors of our campaign.

In this way, we beat the paragraph with its own weapons and give unintentionally pregnant women the important information they need. Apart from doctors who perform abortions, anyone can take part - any car mechanic, any butcher, any baker, etc.


Creating attention to this social drawback and calling for abolishing §219a is absolutely necessary, but it doesn`t represent a solution for the women concerned yet: Some can`t wait for the abolition, they need the information on pregnancy termination right away.

It`s not only about denouncing the drawback, but also about providing instant help: Women’s freedom is inextricably linked to their freedom to decide to terminate a pregnancy. For this decision they need access to professional, medical information on abortion.

The campaign has a wide audience: Women concerned by an undesired pregnancy plus basically anyone willing to share information on this topic, especially politically oriented influencers, and the media.

Distribution of press release in German, English and French in Europe and North America, including the key visual of the campaign. Distribution of social media content to influencers.


Terre des Femmes makes the information available for download in various formats in the information hub on the campaign website, so that everyone can become an ambassador and campaigner for the common goal. In the first step, we let absolute laypeople from professions unrelated to the topic have their say in radio spots and 4 viral films, thus ensuring that the basic idea is spread quickly on the social web. In addition, social media assets are available for easy sharing or individual content creation. Small businesses can download files for posters, flyers, stickers, etc. Unwillingly pregnant women can also find serious information about abortion on the website


Politically motivated influencers quickly joined the campaign, created their own content to activate their communities and brought the topic into the appropriate political environment.

The protagonists of the films also acted as multipliers and carried the campaign into their own communities.

Within 10 days of the campaign launch, we achieved 13.9k engagement and a potential reach of 4.7 million with a particularly high conversion rate on Twitter, which speaks to the political relevance of the issue (over 75% of all pieces (both posts and articles) took place here).

Among those who retweetet was the most prominent representative of the physicians affected by this paragraph, Kristina Hänel, who was recently denounced and sentenced.

Representatives of the Social Democratic Party immediately made positive reference to the campaign and assured to prioritize the issue on the agenda of the next party conference. The Liberal Democratic Party also shared the campaign.

The campaign started in April 2021, and the actions under the hashtag #streicht219a will continue until §219a is actually removed from the statute books.