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Actual Reality Headset

EPSILON, San Francisco, Ca / EPSILON / 2016

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Case Film
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To demonstrate, we 3D-printed and launched a real product online: Actual Reality Headsets. Nothing more than clear lenses, we marketed them as the latest in wearable anti-technology—a way to make fun of our device-addictions by reengaging with reality. And then we mined our proprietary data assets for unique insights that would inform briefs to make totally unique campaigns for different segments. Overworked tech-addict dads were implored to “See Your Kids in Real Time” because survey data told us dads felt conflicted about the amount of time they spend with their children. Facebooking students were sold “The Ultimate in #Uni-tasking” because our data showed they averaged 20% lower grades when studying while on social media. We even made ironic programmatic ads that berated users (via technology) for being obsessed with technology. But behind every message there was a unique data point, thus showcasing our range of proprietary data solutions.


At Epsilon we own the most comprehensive, accurate and predictive compiled consumer data source available, in addition to North America’s largest self-reported database. After we created Actual Reality Headsets we scoured those data sources for prospective customers and curated unique insights to drive personalized messaging.


First, we unveiled our idea in keynote presentations on Data-Driven Creativity at industry conferences, giving our perspective to audiences of thousands. And then we took our show on the road, presenting to existing clients and pitching new business in a totally unexpected way. And at the end of the day, we closed 14 pitches in Q3 and Q4 of 2015 leveraging this case study. Not too shabby.