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Adaptive Poster

OGILVY & MATHER, Istanbul / FORD / 2016

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Adaptive Lighting with Ford Dynamic LED headlights adapt to your steering input. This functional lighting system detects different road conditions and selects the appropriate beam pattern for enhanced illumination. Headlights that detect the steering input and rotate accordingly illuminate the road further when entering a bend.

This led us towards the idea of the adaptive poster. The poster was created with an illusion. The 20-layered poster that has been created with a special technique seems like an endless tunnel with the headlights that illuminate the way when looked from the front. As the viewer changes position and the angle changes, the road seems to bend and the headlights follow.


It took us five months of R&D to find the right angle and the right amount of layers that would create the illusion that we were trying to achieve. Three different sizes were produced for both indoor and outdoor display with print materials that are resistant to external factors. The small-scale poster (510x615 mm), mid-scale poster (975x1175 mm) and large-scale poster (1500x1850 mm) consist of 18 layers, 20 layers and 23 layers, respectively.


Although it is hard to reach tangible numbers with these sorts of small scale, limited edition posters in a mass market; we can conclude that the contribution that this poster made to the technological strength of this particular nameplate is immense. Sales representatives are reporting incurring numbers of inquiries about adaptive headlights on Ford resellers.

Our adaptive poster fostered Ford's innovative and technological brand image and had a great impact on Ford Mondeo's target audience.

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