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Avenue A celebrates the transformations that happen when women are active and feel confident.

Our idea was to draw people to Avenue A through the double incentive of premium fitness-fashion and limited availability. This meant acquisition through building excitement, using Influencer videos such as product sneak peeks, biography featurettes, and unboxings, and creating real-world connections.

We geo-targeted subscribers in key cities for invitation-only live events where women could meet our Curators and get VIP access to Avenue A apparel. User data helped our eCRM program keep subscribers informed about upcoming Avenue A Influencers, Editions and events.

Avenue A turned challenges of no brand awareness and no paid media into opportunities by starting small and expanding one influencer and one community at a time. This helped us speak to niche audiences directly, and build connections with women through Influencer-led content.


Avenue A was built on a digital experience, social media outreach, and eCRM engagement with subscribers.

For each Edition, we started by carefully planned each video and photo shoot through interviews with our chosen Influencer, getting to know them and what makes their own transformation unique. This helped us tailor each distinct Edition to its Curator, down to its stunning packaging design.

In social, we helped each Influencer promote content to her fan base. Next, our intuitive eCommerce platform made the purchase path fluid while capturing user data.

Through eCRM, we kept audiences informed of upcoming Avenue A Curators and Editions, tailoring content to fit their preferences. We even invited subscribers to unique, invitation-only Avenue A events in their area where they could rub elbows with our Influencers and experience Avenue A first-hand.

Overall, Avenue A has proven to be an intimate, exclusive program where early-adopters have become brand ambassadors.


One year in, Avenue A has moved from an innovative pilot program to permanent platform for adidas. Along the way, we contributed to adidas achieving a 30% increase in US sales, moving up to become North America’s second-largest sportswear brand.

The program generates buzz, through PR mentions from media like Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Refinery29, and Fast Company, plus some extremely positive customer feedback.

Online, time-on-site averages nearly two minutes, with a bounce rate of only 0.50%. Across social, consumers are celebrating Avenue A, asking questions, sharing photos, singing our praises, shouting out to their friends – even hanging our packaging on their walls.

Influencer content is overachieving with some posts boasting 164K likes in under two hours, boosting that day’s sales by 700%.

Finally, Avenue A has transformed adidas’ product rollout, as subscribers receive premium, curated apparel and footwear before they hit stores, which has enhanced adidas’ launch schedules.

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