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ADIDAS, Herzogenaurach / ADIDAS / 2017


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adidas NYC is the largest adidas store in the world. As the first brand flagship, the store forms a global landmark and debuts the stadium concept – the purest physical manifestation of the brand. The design heralds a new era in how creativity is articulated in-store, by bringing a consumer-powered experience to athletes craving a more tailored and personal connection to sport.

The space promotes an experience that appeals to all five senses, creating powerful moments of storytelling that the consumer can’t experience anywhere else in the world. They are not visiting another sports store, they are fundamentally experiencing adidas through the lens of New York, with exclusive insights and products that are intuitively connected to the city.


This is the largest adidas store in the world, set over 4 floors on the busiest street in New York. It was essential to maximise the footfall with an immersive space whose reputation preceded it.

Within the store, digital content, that blends sporting moments and personalised content, is executed across 4 technology-empowered platforms. From a digital wall that ‘sets-the-stage’ with brand campaigns, to spectator stands that showcase live sports events; the atmosphere has a real sense of community that is relatable, energetic and NYC-centric.

Elsewhere, a track and turf section encourages consumers to wear-test product and the Mi-adidas Customisation Area empowers creators to put their stamp on products, but not without inspiration shown on digital screens ranging from the latest trends and Instagram montages. In addition, a juice bar provides a knowledge-sharing social environment with free nutritional advice and produce from small local businesses.

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