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Aero Oneness

WHERE EAGLES DARE, Pittsburgh / AERO OPCO / 2020

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Aeropostale had lost touch with its core customers and no longer had much brand awareness or loyalty. As part of the re-branding, new merchandising and marketing strategy, our goal was to reconnect Aeropostale with the Gen Z audience and become culturally relevant as a challenger brand.


To relaunch, reconnect and differentiate the Aeropostale brand, we created the “Aero Oneness” platform that showcases diverse people with real stories and individual style from all over the world coming together to share what oneness means. The campaign celebrates and accepts the differences that make people more alike and connected. It debunks the idea that people are 100% anything and shows the human bond that occurs when stigmas about race, sex, religion, and country are eliminated. The target audience is Gen Z youth ages 12 - 22.


For the Aero Oneness platform, we launched a 360 degree campaign across all owned and media channels that included a mix of windows, cinema, in-store marketing, social media and public relations. Highly orchestrated and coordinated with the Aero World brand ambassador messages of Oneness and personal style central to the narrative and connecting to new customers.

For our creative approach, we were inspired by and used a dynamic mix of media, social native graphics and filters, Tiktok style transitions, real and curated moments to create a fresh and unique brand image.

Design touchpoints included videos, photography, website, email, social media, out of home, store windows and marketing.


• traffic increased +24%

• 200M+ media impressions

• 30M+ TikTok views

• Ecom business comped positive for the season and the year for the first time in over 5-years.

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