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LOTTE GRS, Seoul / LOTTERIA / 2024

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The Bulgogi Burger and Shrimp Burger are Lotteria's signature creations and have been bestsellers for many years. Their enduring popularity, however, has led to similar offerings by competitors throughout Korea, which has diluted the distinctiveness of Lotteria's original burgers. In an effort to reclaim their iconic status and boost sales, Lotteria is poised to introduce fresh takes on the classic Bulgogi and Shrimp Burgers. The goal is to generate excitement and buzz around these revamped favorites, reinvigorating their appeal and reminding customers why Lotteria's burgers are the originals—and the best.


We believed that leveraging AI-generated music would captivate our customers and pique their curiosity. The central question that intrigued us was: What would music composed by AI sound like? Would it be a pleasing experience or would it be jarring to the ear? Both we and our customers were uncertain of the outcome. It was this very element of uncertainty inherent in AI that we identified as the cornerstone of our campaign's success.


Our greatest hurdle was the familiarity and age of our products. How could we generate new excitement in the market? We embraced cutting-edge technology: Artificial Intelligence. Leveraging A.I., we produced a K-POP anthem inspired by our Bulgogi and Shrimp Burgers. We engaged our audience, inviting them to vote and make selections. The result was a dynamic campaign that spanned a music video, TV commercials, outdoor advertising, and even a live concert for our customers to experience. This innovative approach not only sparked conversation but also breathed new life into our classic offerings.


Our campaign transcended traditional advertising; we crafted a music video that embodied the essence of authentic human composition. Our objective was to instill in our customers the belief that they were experiencing a piece composed by a talented artist. The revelation that the music was, in fact, the work of artificial intelligence was designed to astonish and captivate our audience.

To amplify the impact and broaden our reach, we launched a television commercial that not only showcased the music but also served as an invitation for a wider audience to engage with our creation. Complementing this, we executed a dynamic 3D out-of-home (OOH) advertisement, strategically placed to captivate pedestrians and leave a lasting impression. Our innovative approach aimed to merge creativity with technology, challenging perceptions and setting a new standard in the realm of advertising.


As a result of our innovative campaign, we have achieved remarkable success, garnering over 16 million views on YouTube alone. This surge in digital engagement has been mirrored by a significant uptick in product sales. Specifically, our Bulgogi Burger experienced a 73% increase in sales during the campaign period. The Shrimp Burger also saw an impressive sales boost, with a 102% rise. Overall, our total product line enjoyed a 12.7% increase in sales. As for customer interactions, they have been innumerable, reflecting the campaign's resounding impact on our market presence.

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