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AIRBNB, San Francisco / AIRBNB / 2014

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Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list and discover unique accommodations – granting access to the most interesting people, places, events, and hospitality around the world. In 2013, a successful local promotion called “Hello LA” introduced Los Angeles to Airbnb through celebrity-curated pop-ups at iconic un-bookable destinations. Transforming this local success into an experiential press outreach strategy, Airbnb’s overall goal was to create a signature brand franchise, placing activations at the core of its communication objectives.

Appealing to the creative communities of film and music, Airbnb injected the brand into massive pop-culture events, embracing celebrities, local tastes and culture.

At Sundance, Airbnb created the “Airbnb Haus” and brought together inspiring people and experiences, including an open-mic StorySLAM with The Moth, comedy, and a Haus Chat series with Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Spurlock and Geena Davis. The Airbnb Haus was turned into a platform for spontaneous press and social engagements far beyond scheduled media events.

At SXSW, the “Airbnb Park” featured three artist-curated pop-ups (with design expertise from HGTV’s Emily Henderson) from Snoop Dogg, Capital Cities and Allen Stone, all providing exciting sounds, tastes and sights for a one–of-a-kind festival experience. The Airbnb Park was filled with 5 days of media events and interactions.

Total press over all events exceeded 574 million impressions, and total social impressions were at nearly 400 million. Attracting enthusiastic engagement and massive earned media, Airbnb built long-lasting relationships with local communities, bringing the public into premiere events with unfettered access.


Across 3 events, Airbnb embraced fascinating celebrities, local tastes and culture, opening up unique experiences for all attendees.

Hello LA:

-Celebrity-curated pop-ups, 35 events over 5 venues engaged press and influencers to directly experience Airbnb hospitality.

-Coordinated press stays with Elle, Hollywood Reporter and LA Times.

Sundance (20K+ attendees):

-The Airbnb Haus was a communal hub for visitors (offering Wi-Fi, craft coffee and vintage board games) and a hotspot for high-profile filmmaker chats, comedy and story performances.

-Embracing the independent spirit of Sundance, Airbnb also provided accommodation and access to the Sundance Institute’s World International filmmakers.

-Extending the experience in Park City, Airbnb coordinated press trips and press stays.

SXSW (10K+ attendees):

-Integrating music, design and technology the Airbnb Park stole the spotlight with 3 celebrity-designed pop-ups, themed events, talent media tours and performances including Snoop Dogg’s “Wake and Bake” Brunch and an intimate campfire performance with Allen Stone.


Airbnb touched 500,000 participants over 15 event days garnering impressions exceeding 574 million (press) and nearly 400 million (social):

Hello LA: 72 million press impressions and 42.2 million Facebook impressions.

Sundance: 99 million press impressions, 4.2 million Twitter impressions and 1,574 PR Newswire hits.

SXSW: 403 million press and +300 million social impressions. Snoop’s 'Wake and Bake' brunch drove media attention, picking up 122 stories.

Attracting enthusiastic engagement and massive EARNED MEDIA, Airbnb built long-lasting relationships with local communities, inviting the public into premiere events with unfettered access. Reinforcing the brand promise of 'creative hospitality', Airbnb now stands at the intersection of pop culture events and unique experiences.

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