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AIZOME ULTRA™ – An innovative method to create textiles with lasting health benefits.


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The 1500+ synthetic chemicals still used in textile dyeing harm workers, wearers and the environment. While the industry slowly commits to change, a sea of confusing sustainability claims and greenwashing prevails.

Plants have long been used in dyeing, but without binding chemicals, their color and health benefits fade quickly. This makes it unsuitable for mass production.


AIZOME ULTRA™ is a patented, ultrasound dyeing method that begins with only water, medicinal plants, and cotton. Creating textiles that have lasting color and health benefits – the process is simple, scalable, and sustainable.

Instead of synthetic chemicals it uses a physical trick: ultrasound sets plant particles in motion at a custom frequency of 52.5kHz underwater, binding them to the fiber permanently. And with them, their color and health benefits.


AIZOME ULTRA™ is simple, scalable, and sustainable.

While eliminating chemicals in the process, AIZOME ULTRA™ now gives wearables healing properties: bedsheets that help heal wounds, t-shirts that can soothe and reduce stress or underwear that can ease menstrual pain.

AIZOME ULTRA™ is patented and recognized by several renowned international organizations and institutions such as the University of Cambridge. It is also recognized by the National Eczema Association as an innovation that improves the quality of life for people with sensitive skin.

Over 3,000 tons of fabric have been produced, benefiting 2.4 million people. To date, AIZOME has received substantial investments and media attention across the globe.

Partnerships with healthcare institutions, fashion brands, as well as cosmetics producers are underway and will be announced publicly later this year.


AIZOME ULTRA™ modernizes traditional Japanese plant-based dyeing.

The process begins with only natural ingredients: Certified organic cotton fiber, medicinal plant particles and water.

While the ingredients are soaking in the dyeing tank, ultrasound is applied at the custom frequency of precisely 52.5kHz. This creates a phenomenon known as cavitation, observed as many tiny bubbles of vacuum (diameter < 0.1mm). The rapid formation and collapse of these bubbles accelerates the particles in the mixture, permanently binding the plant particles to the fiber.

The freshly dyed cotton fiber can then be woven into any textile, all while maintain each plant’s vibrant color and medicinal health benefits.

The actual dyeing process takes between 60-90 minutes, with repeated sonification. As a whole, monitoring 100% organic quality from farm to finish, manufacturing can take about one year.

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AIZOME ULTRA™ – An innovative method to create textiles with lasting health benefits.


AIZOME ULTRA™ – An innovative method to create textiles with lasting health benefits.

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