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COSSETTE, Montreal / ALLOPROF / 2021

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Alloprof, the homework assistance platform, wanted to renew its brand in the context of the launch of a new online support program. During a global pandemic, when children are attending school at home, Alloprof focused on supporting students while overhauling and humanizing the brand. This was achieved thanks to the introduction of Flo, Quebec’s new education hero. This character is omnipresent throughout Alloprof’s channels and became the new face of homework assistance for 400,000 students and their parents, providing daily support.


Alloprof did a complete brand overhaul and ecosystem update. A new visual language was called for, inspired by the digital codes already part of students’ lives: stickers, emoticons, transitions, filters, and gifs. To infuse the brand with humanity, Alloprof introduced Flo—an interactive, omnipresent guide that rekindles students’ love of learning and follows them at all stages of their journey. Alloprof had to engage and interest students in an environment dominated by social networks and entertainment. And to counter high drop-out rates, it was also designed to promote students’ self-confidence.

The updated Alloprof site and brand needed to revolve around supporting both the academic and personal development of the students. It also simplified the user experience, optimized the search tool, as well as added access to real teachers via new text, phone and online chat services.


Instead of only providing direct services to students in need of academic support, Alloprof wanted to help families by supporting their kids on a daily basis, monitoring their progress and ensuring student success. Alloprof wanted to create a long-term relationship of trust with the students and by supporting them, help them develop and gain self-confidence in the long run.

The new ecosystem makes it possible to move from a linear approach, modeled on the educational content of courses given at school, to a mode of consuming engaging editorial content. These solid foundations will propel the site towards its true vocation: become an intelligent tool that will know how to place the pleasure of learning and success at the heart of the educational objectives of every student in Quebec.


We first created Flo - an interactive guide - to humanize the platform and create a strong emotional link with students and their parents. Its duty: to make homework more attractive and inspiring by supporting students in their digital journey.

Personalization is at the heart of the experience. The site now adapts to the profile of the students and evolves with them as they go through school.

In addition, the new site is easier to use. The search tool has been optimized, a flagship feature that allows you to quickly find results within the massive content. Added to this is filtering by subject and content type to make it easier to explore and discover.

Thanks to this new experience and their new hero, Quebec students now have an appointment with Flo for homework that is effective, rewarding and fun – from grade one to secondary five.