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ISOBAR, Gurgaon / MARUTI / 2017

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The Indian middle class manage their expenses on a day-to-day basis. Since they work in the public sector, it is difficult for them to have lump sum amount to spend any time of the year.

But there was one dream they still had— to own a car. Due to high down-payments and hefty EMIs, it remained unfulfilled. They waited for their promotions/increments to make high-investment purchases, but their first car still remained out of reach. Hence we, at Maruti Suzuki began looking for opportunities to pitch the idea of owning their first car and realizing their dream.

The 7th Pay Commission presented itself as a golden opportunity. We determined that along with the arrears and the revised pay package, the middle-class consumer will have a lot of cash at his disposal.

Hence, we decided to pitch the idea of a car by comparing its monthly EMI with daily commute expenses.


It was a strategic decision to make this a completely mobile-centric campaign. The key insight that led to it was that our prospective customer searches for routes, books cabs and determined travel time on Google Maps App on their mobile devices. Hence we displayed banners on Google Maps that compared their daily commute expenses to the unbelievably affordable EMI of Alto 800.

The banner when clicked, let the user choose from easy EMI plans or customize an EMI plan for himself. And from there, they could book their car as well. The whole user-journey was well thought through that rationalized owning a car as a viable option as compared to the hassling daily commute.

We pushed the brand into the visual space of our TG when it made the maximum impact i.e. on the road.

The overall campaign budget was 15,000 USD.

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