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THINKINGBOX, Salt Lake City / HAPPY EGG / 2020

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We redesigned to educate consumers on why choosing Happy Eggs makes you feel eggs-tra good and to support the new Happy Egg brand statement, “Always Choose Happy.” The goal was to craft an engaging experience that built Happy Egg into a lifestyle brand and establish them as a leader in the North American egg market.

Egg yolks are simultaneously amorphous in motion and somehow uniquely recognizable. Recreating this visual effect for Happy Egg with web technologies was an undeniable challenge. Through careful and efficient integration of user input and WebGL animations, we could reproduce the “look and feel” of an egg yolk that blends with engaging visual content explaining how a Happy Egg is created. We told the complete Happy Egg story, from the farm to the eggs. Through subtle animations and brand elements, we brought the personality of Happy Egg to life without affecting the user experience.


We worked on all aspects throughout the project, including UI/UX, strategy, design, development, content production, photography, art direction, compositing, copywriting, motion graphics, and post-production. We collaborated with the Happy Egg team to audit their existing content and their new brand objectives to find the perfect balance of imagery, illustration, and messaging that brought the site to life for their customers. We used these brand elements and careful storytelling to build a unique experience that allowed Happy Egg to scale into the future.

Our challenge was to find a compelling way to transform Happy Egg into a lifestyle brand while still keeping its rich history intact. This objective was designed to expand their reach inside the demographic of upper-middle-class millennials. We were able to successfully balance old and new content, ensuring we kept the original identity while at the same time updating it with a lifestyle component.

At the end of production, we created a high-end experience that brought Happy Egg to life and pushed them far beyond their competitors. We told the complete Happy Egg story, from the farm to the eggs. We continuously work with the client to update it depending on new products and promotions.

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