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Android Avenue at MWC

GOOGLE, London / ANDROID / 2019

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Our brief was to showcase the innovation that Google and Android are driving in mobile and beyond. We used core products including the latest in AI and AR to show users how they could experience the technology across multiple surfaces in a seamless way.

We made the experience as human as possible to show the positive balance between technology and the user's lives. This demonstrated the simplicity and helpfulness of our suite of products and services.

Tasked with making it as experiential as possible, and ensuring it was ‘more Google 2019, not Google 1999’, we needed to adopt a more grown-up approach to each and every touchpoint, and create a totally holistic experience that was informative and insightful, easy to digest and playfully intelligent. The need to find the right balance between ever-evolving technology and Android’s human-centric ideals were our key guiding principles.


At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, we were challenged to create

something more impactful and engaging than ever before. To bring to life their latest

technology by demonstrating how it positively impacts your day-to-day. We went

above and beyond to deliver something completely unique and truly unexpected.

In an outside location, we created the Android Avenue. An urban space where delegates could escape the relentless noise and chaos of MWC, where you were encouraged to get mobile, to wander and explore. 12 individual experiences, from a mobile guided art gallery, filled with augmented and virtual art experiences, to boutique store experiences enhanced by mobile, to a mobile-based games arcade, you were invited to get creative, go shopping, grab a refreshing drink or simply switch off and take a welcome break. All the while, discovering how Android’s innovations empower and help you, wherever you are and wherever you go.


Traditionally a busy corporate show for suited execs drawn to the largest mobile show in the world, some would say MWC is a place designed with its audience in mind. Somewhere fitting for professional delegates, who travel from across the globe to go

about their business. But we took a very different view. Surely they needed an

escape. So we wanted something that was the complete antithesis of the other 2400

exhibitors showcasing their wares. One that would be a welcoming world away

from the corporate mundanity of MWC. Where we could positively disrupt the hustle and

bustle of everything around us. Something truly unexpected and ultimately

rewarding. We’d adopt a tell-not-sell, try-not-buy approach. To deliver a seamless

guest journey where they could roam free with our devices, interacting and engaging

with the best of what Android has to offer, at their own pace and on

their own terms.


A unique, brand ownable space, our ‘Avenue’ consisted of 4 quarters, Creative, Residential, Cultural and Uptown, with 13 experiences. For example, at The Gallery, visitors used AR and AI to take a fresh look at art.


The Avenue was built in the “loading bay area” for Halls 2 & 3, therefore, it was the last stand in and the first stand out (The onsite build could only start when all 2400 exhibitors had finished), with just 42 continuous hours for the build and 6 hours to get out.


Android was located outside between halls 2 and 3 so no other competing brands were there, but was within a high footfall area because of the popular concessions.


1296sqm of experience built in 42 hours

18 trucks of kit

12hr shift 60 technicians

801 devices managed

Build Plant - 4 cranes, 8 forklifts, 4 cherry pickers, 4 telehandlers


Of MWC’s 109,000 visitors, almost 74,000 people visited Android Avenue. With 90% of attendees saying their overall experience was very good (sample of 790 people).

Delivered across multiple surfaces, our platform used human interactions to help tell our story. Visitors spent almost 1,600 hours engaging with products, leaving a lasting impression, as 92% agreed Android is driving mobile innovation. Average dwell times of almost 9 minutes proved how captivated users were with the 12 experiences.

Innovation at Android Avenue was displayed through interactive experiences. 20% of visitors thought the most engaging spaces were the AI-led Art Gallery and Juice Bar.

Users interacting with six immersive experiences or more were rewarded with a prize. People who engaged with demos or went to more experiences had a better understanding of how Android technology can enhance and innovate daily life, with 81% agreeing Android phones help streamline your day.

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