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Gender equality isn't an issue that is much discussed about, or even worse, is acknowledged by many Guatemalans. Guatemala is ranked 105 amongst 144 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index list: the gap between female and male salaries is 32%, only 1% of females lead local or regional business, and nearly half of women have informal jobs and don't have access to social security. Nevertheless, only 2% of the population were talking about gender inequality in the last 6 months in social media platforms.

For Women´s day, displaying a special product for women didn't feel enough for Anfora, a local bakery shop. After all, we wanted to celebrate women, rather than display them.remember how special they are not how beauty they are. But how could we celebrate women when they aren´t treated equal? We needed to make awareness on this ill matter.


Data was gathered form research into the national statistic studies, the OSD ( Guatemalan objectives of sustainable development ) and social listening. To represent the gender inequality gap, we took data graphs for gender inequality and transformed them into special cakes with a missing piece. This missing slice represented issues that aren't talked about in our country: unequal payment, gender gap, unfair and non spoken matters. Shipped and delivered as a special gift to key opinion leader we used our cakes as a medium to support our campaign in digital platforms thus arising the conversation exponentially on a key day : International Women Day.


We handpicked 100 key opinion leaders, in different categories such as working moms, working females, gender inequality advocates, journalist, local showbiss, fashion bloggers, instagram foodies, among others, to use as real spokesperson for an un talk issue in this country. On March 8th we delivered 100 special cakes for our 100 opinion leaders, the following message about gender inequality was distributed in the early hours of International Women Day urging them to support our campaign not a slice less on social media by the end of the morning the social movement became and impact and one of the most commented and covered issues in Guatemala. Anfora was the most talk about brand by making a bold statement and giving away a few cakes, this subject was spread exponentially through the desired target.


On International Women Day We made 100 special cakes with a missing slice witch were delivered to 100 key opinion leaders from social media influencers to bloggers newspapers and others urging them to support our social media campaign not a slice less that was issued on that day on our Facebook and Instagram page. With the help of free media coverage in TV, digital media and our 100 key opinion leaders (with 100 slice less cakes ) by the end of the day Anfora, a bakery shop, was the most talk about brand on social media, by making a bold statement and giving away a few cakes, this subject was spread exponentially through the desired target.


Anfora became a “women empowered brand” who spoke to all women in Guatemala. Our cakes became a voice for consumers to express their feelings towards gender inequality. The campaign became the most talked about on social media; it was applauded because it spoke about an issue that is hidden in a male oriented culture society. Our campaign became trending topic on Twitter and made more than 800,00 impressions on Instagram stories. Above all, it increased the conversation towards gender inequality by 900% on social media; we increased sales by 35% compared to last year.All with $1,000.00 USD

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