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OMD , New York / NIVEA / 2010

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NIVEA partnered with Ubisoft and their new fitness videogame Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape to re-invigorate the product line and increase consumer interest and participation. Your Shape comes with a revolutionary 3D camera that tracks the player’s movement and performance. Players can select four custom routines led by Jenny’s avatar from the NIVEA fitness centre on the main menu. These routines help women reach their fitness goals and are linked to specific NIVEA products (ie. “Get Bikini Ready!” highlights Good-bye Cellulite). A coupon is included in the box to encourage trial and NIVEA-provided healthy living and skincare tips appear throughout the game.This integration positions NIVEA as a skincare and fitness expert, provides value to the player and reinforces product benefits in a uniquely immersive two-way communication between NIVEA and the consumer.Your Shape and Jenny McCarthy provide credibility for the consumer and help address concerns over scepticism.


NIVEA has raised the bar for product integration in videogames and blazed new trails for the skincare category. Jenny McCarthy’s Your Shape launched this December and is proving to be a big hit with women. The PC version shipped with 100,000 Good-bye Cellulite inserts that provide consumers important product information as well as a $2-off coupon for the purchase of either Good-bye Cellulite or My Silhouette!

A second phase begins in March 2010 and is designed to leverage the NIVEA/Your Shape integration to support the launch of the 2010 NIVEA Challenge and help drive sign-ups after the website launch.

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