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Politicians in the Czech Republic got used to think that they can get away with almost everything. The last drop on the list of corruption scandals was an overpriced e-shop for a highway vignettes. The contract for Asseco group to build an e-commerce platform (for selling highway vignettes) was worth 16 000 000 EUR without an open bid. This extremely overpriced contract got attention of the anticorruption group called Znamkamarada who made an open call and organized the anticorruption hackathon. They invited programmers from whole country to build the e-commerce platform in 48h and for free, in order to show how ridiculous the overpriced contract is.


The creative idea was to fight the corrupted system very straightforward and very public and visible way. We could not stand up to the government as individuals, but as a legitimate representatives of public. We organized Anticorruption Hackathon and made an open call to IT specialists from whole country. They could join and create the platform for free during 48 hours. 194 coders came to make this happen. Whole country was watching and government had to react.


Tomas Vondracek (representing Znamkamarada group) made a call to action via LinkedIn post as a reaction to overpriced contract. He made an open call for volunteers from IT and announced to build together a solution to show that 16 000 000 EUR is ridiculously overpriced.

LinkedIn is a perfect place to attract relevant people.

His post got attention to thousands of people from the IT field, and moreover attracted the media and attention of Prime Minister who called for a meeting. Politicians in the Czech Republic never talked to ordinary people before, talking into consideration their opinions.


The anticorruption hackathon Znamkamarada challenged the suspicious and overpriced contract for 16 000 000 EUR to build an e-commerce platform (for selling highway vignettes). To prove their point, they made an open call for IT volunteers to build the system by themselves in 48 hours and for free.The story attracted all media and therefore the whole country was nonstop watching the whole event.


Prime minister called for meeting.

The overpriced contract was cancelled.

Minister of Transportation was fired.

New law for It contracts was created.

Similar activities from another groups challenging other issues followed.


Facebook fans in the first 5 days - 2 500

Impressions in the first 5 days - 1 000 000 ?Daily reach during the campaign - 100 000 on average

Reach on the Livestream video from the end of the Hackathon - 55 000

Engagement rate of Facebook posts - over 10 %

Maximum engagement rate - 28 %

Interactions in Total - 14 500 (on average 3 000 per day)


90 5970 EUR


Almost 300 000 unique visits of the web page 32 000 placed orders of the Fair Vignette.

More than CZK 67 000 raised for the charitable purpose.