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Arabian Journeys is located in the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, a place of diverse cultural facilities on the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition takes visitors on a multimedia journey through the country. They enter a clear, flowing spatial structure (1,300 sqm). Five sinuous white ribbons glide through the space, enclosing and framing the different zones. Each ribbon represents one particular theme. In combination with key objects (e.g. an arabian horse), it guides the visitor from the central 'Connection Zone' into the different themed areas where it opens up into a film projection surface that completely surrounds the visitor. In this way the exhibition becomes an immersive exploration through Saudi Arabia’s unique landscapes.


Arabian Journeys invites visitors on a journey through space and time. Accompanied by two Arabic guides, the visitors experience Saudi Arabia both, as a journey through the different regions, as well as through time. The clear, flowing structure of the exhibition makes the journey tangible designwise. Various elaborately designed media bring the experience to life and allow the visitors to individually compile their journey. The synergy between film projections, media stations and exhibits makes for a multi-layered and diversified experience. The content is translated into thematic exhibition spaces, which create an immersive visitor experience. The experience is complemented by a quiet space ‘The Connection Zone’, offering the visitors the possibility to rest and reflect and to further inform themselves in real books with dynamic projections providing additional digital information. The result is a well-balanced exhibition that attracts visitors on several levels.


The exhibition invites visitors on a journey through Saudi Arabia. Key objects lead them from the ‘Connection Zone’ into five theme-based areas. Here, the ribbons that are made of high-quality mineral material, become a film projection surface, which completely surrounds the visitor. In combination with light and sound, an immersive experience is generated. Visitors become part of the landscape cycles portrayed by means of the films' narratives. For example, they experience the inaccessible mountainous regions of the country during a helicopter flight or interact with schools of fish from the Golf and the Red Sea. Each themed area has been designed individually in respect of the colours selected, the floor graphics and the implementation of the interactive media tables and showcases. In the 'Desert Trek' area for example, the showcases adopt the flowing shape of dunes. The interactive media tables encourage people to find out more about the landscape regions.


The Arabian Journeys exhibition is located in the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture on the east coast of Saudi Arabia. It is a place of diverse cultural facilities, created in order to encourage creativity, inspire minds and empower talent.

The Arabian Journeys exhibition enables the visitors to get to know the landscape of Saudi Arabia in a new and exiting way, making what is inaccessible, accessible. They expand their knowledge playfully and explore the diverse landscapes of the kingdom.

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