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The animal for 2018 is the dog, and the project, ARF!-itecture aimed at transforming what was just a symbol, into a new CREATIVE CONSTRUCTION ART that offered a new experience.

A huge 3-meter canine monument was constructed using 350 flat dog-shaped blocks. Small “puppy” versions of these flat blocks were also created, for event visitors to build their own dog art.

ARF!-itecture made it possible for anyone to build cool objects of art using the animal of the year, giving significance to this art- and design-inspiring culture.?

The event let visitors at Tokyo Midtown, feel joy and a sense of accomplishment, by completing original creative pieces symbolizing the New Year and allowed them to look forward to a wonderful creative year. It was an event intended to architect the brand image of Tokyo Midtown as a “center for design and art” by providing quality, creative time for the visitors.


Based on careful calculations, the flat dog-shaped blocks had slits enabling people to combine different types of blocks freely for creative construction. The blocks were created so that the objects of art would look cool, whoever the construction was done by.

The flat dog-shaped blocks were designed after typical poses, etc. that dogs are known for, such as floor dogs, long dogs, or slanted dogs. They made up fun pieces as puzzles, and the results of the 3-D construction were also quite appealing. Since these flat blocks will celebrate the New Year, 53 festive colors and patterns were prepared to allow rich expression.

The precision in the connection was taken from the high-level technique of Japanese craftsmanship, and no adhesives were used whatsoever.

These ARF!-itecture were presented at the 2018 New Year’s Art Event at Tokyo Midtown, allowing young and old to enjoy and immerse themselves in creative construction art.


From young to old, people of various age groups participated in the event, indulging in creative work. The entire atrium was filled with the participants and the creative construction art that they created. There was high interest, including many inquiries about purchasing the flat dog-shaped blocks.

By experiencing the art of architecture through ARF!-itecture, the historical culture of the animal of the year, was no longer something to just gaze at. People were now able to enjoy the animal of the year proactively, and experience the joy and sense of achievement in doing something very creative from the New Year, as well as completing a work of art. A total of 35,000 pieces of flat dog-shaped blocks were used. Through this experience, the Tokyo Midtown brand concept of “center for art and design” was conveyed effectively to the target and the Japanese community.

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