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UM, New York / US ARMY / 2010

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The Army’s Best Ranger Competition reality show leveraged a groundbreaking distribution plan. The first ever Video Game Console Takeover for a branded content video series on Xbox and PS3 was punctuated by a team of guerrilla marketing avatars dressed in “Army Strong” T-shirts in PS3 HOME. The camouflage-clad avatars directed gamers to the movie theatre, where Best Ranger was showing in HD, to pick up their own virtual Army T-shirt. If watching wasn’t enough, gamers could experience the shooting range and obstacle courses via the Best Ranger Competition touch-screen video game on Digital OOH screens across the country.The digital OOH screens complemented the robust awareness push on Hulu and ESPN. Both of these properties, known for delivering premium entertainment, agreed to ingest the Army’s new reality show. On the iPhone, a full page video interstitial on ESPN rounded out a cross platform promotional push across all of ESPN platforms.


The effectiveness of the content as a recruitment vehicle combined with the tremendous over delivery of views compounded the success of the programme. Exposure to the webisodes resulted in (per Dynamic Logic):- 32% Lift in Seek More Info on the Army Intent- 35% Lift in Speaking to an Army Recruiter Intent- 44% Lift in Enlisting in the Army IntentTotal Views of BRC Webisodes:Guaranteed: 2,630,000Delivered: 5,844,282Percentage over delivery: 122%Clicks to goarmy.comGuaranteed: 505,556Delivered: 1,022,996Percentage over delivery: 102%The touch-screen game (Digital OOH) broke an Ecast record for average time spent (00:57)

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