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Summary of the Campaign

In recent years, Campofrío has won over consumers with its now traditional Christmas campaign.

Supporting them in their everyday problems and encouraging them to continue to maintain that

spirit that characterizes Spaniards: 'Let nothing and no one deprive us of our way of enjoying life'.

In 2014 Campofrío had the same request, to make a very Spanish campaign, very brand-centric,

about how proud we are to be how we are. The campaign was ready to air, but then, on 16th

November, something no-one expected happened.

The Situation

Campofrío faced the biggest crisis a company can face: 981 families without their jobs as well as

many indirect jobs . The company would have production problems and stocks would not last long,

meaning the loss of leadership on supermarket shelves.

Any decision taken in haste could sink the company; Campofrío had to move forward to once again

become the leader in the sector. It had to rise from its ashes.

A crisis cabinet was created and campaigns were produced with the aim of relieving the workers'

desolation, assuaging the authorities' concern and boosting consumer support.

The Goal

To recover our 2014 market position and share.

We were in the middle of a crisis and we had to:

- Raise brand awareness.

- Strengthen loyalty in the distribution channels by reaffirming the brand's role and attitude as a

leader in the sector. We were going to lose references and facing on the shelves so distribution

could be left in no doubt as to our ability to pull through.

- Raise the consumer's identification with the brand, enhancing brand appeal and perceived

leadership and closeness.

Strategy and Targeting

The main factor in the success of this campaign was perhaps that they were the first strategic

decisions taken.

The city of Burgos installed a banner on the city hall facade: 'Burgos con Campofrío' so we decided

to return the gesture: 'Campofrío con Burgos'.

We started getting messages of support from all over, and we answered them all: one by one.

Based on this, we took the following decisions:

- Campofrio decided to raise the company again in Burgos and take back their workers. We had to

reflect that courageous commitment on behalf of the company.

- We could not afford to lose brand awareness. We had to make courageous campaigns, reflecting

the company's firm commitment.


With all this support, the first thing was to act on our closest circle, the city of Burgos which deserved immense gratitude for its show of solidarity and sympathy.


So we decided to use our own misfortune as the basis of a campaign which would serve not only to heal our wounds, but as support for many sectors of Spanish society which, this year, had also seen their futures go up in smoke.


The TV campaign was accompanied by newspaper ads announcing it and later with “ad hoc” executions for the media “toning down” the bad news.

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