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ALMAPBBDO, Sao Paulo / BAYER / 2012

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How can we remind people that viruses attack when we least expect it? Well, Aspirin created a Wi-Fi network called Flu in a great Shopping Centre in Sao Paulo.This Wi-Fi network could be accessed daily by thousands of people.When the user clicked on it, he or she was taken to the Aspirin page with a concept that explained the action. Catching the flu is this easy: For this reason, always count on Aspirin.Then, users could choose any site to browse freely with the Flu Wi-Fi network.


The Wi-Fi Flu is an open wi-fi network called “Flu” that was available for users in a big shopping mall in the city. When they connected and started to use the browser, users received the following message: “Catching the flu is easy. For this reason, always count on Aspirin.” And a pack-shot of the product appeared on the screen next to the copy. To talk about the flu, we spread the idea in the flu’s main contagious place: the air indoors. And to convey how easy it is to catch the disease, we created an open wi-fi network available to thousands of people with only one click.


Our network was accessed by more than 500 people daily during the week it was available.

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