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BBDO NEW YORK, New York / AT&T / 2015


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In the United States, the fight for attention and eyeballs on TV networks leads to a constant rotation of shows that are created and killed extremely quickly. They all follow a “standard” format that used to be successful and seems archaic now. Not even knowing what are the differences between each reality show, the younger audience is losing interest.


That’s when we created @SummerBreak. It’s a social media reality how where the young cast became the camera crew. And their narratives were filmed, edited, and broadcasted instantly.

The show was experienced through a combination of all social media. From the daily episodes that hit on Twitter and Tumblr, to the interactions between cast and fans on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, each digital platform available let the fans of SummerBreak engage, interact and become part of the show.

It was a live relationship between cast and fans that only a digital reality show could provide.


Sending them their own experience and opinions, the fans influenced the cast decisions and became part of the show. With more than 100 million views, it became the first Internet show ever to beat its TV competitors — like The Hills, The OC and Laguna Beach.

With hundreds of millions of earned media, AT&T turned the Summerbreak cast into real celebrities, and their fans into real friends.

By using AT&T's products and network to connect fans and characters in real time, AT&T showed how mobile technology can bring people together in a way that no TV network show could ever do.

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