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Audi "Nexus"

TISCH13, Munich / AUDI / 2016

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The basic idea of the stand architecture consists of a network of over 4 km reflecting aluminum beams. These are joined via nodes to form a three-dimensional grid. The inside of the network serves as a display space for technological exhibits and exhibition vehicles which is given a media boost by the LED lighting.

Create an environment that was an abstract representation of synapses firing in a brain which parallels how Audi vehicles use technology to communicate with their drivers and passengers. The modern, reflective 3-D grid embodied Audi intelligence and connectivity, and attracted attendees’ attention on the busy and crowded CES Show floor.


Synchronized and constantly changing lights reflected on the 70 feet wide by 80feet long by 27feet high structure. Flashes of white, blue and red lights simulated synapses firing in the brain. The programmed lights were examples of Audi’s automotive lighting technology.

The highly polished surfaces ensured reflected light and movement pulsed kinetically through the structure. As attendees approached and entered the environment, their own reflections were added to the kaleidoscope of image and motion. Immediately they and their reflected images were part of the structure and experience.

High-tech sound effects underscored the lighting effects.

Audi’s iconic four-ring logo, accent mirrored surfaces and special white flooring panels from Germany contributed to the uniquely, unmistakably Audi design aesthetic.

A stage and large 32 x 14 ft LED screen inside the exhibit provided messaging.

In the heart of the exhibit, visitors had hands-on experiences with Audi technology via four cars and two simulators.


Audi delivered a perfectly orchestrated on-brand experience that embodied its technology and innovation with panache. The experience design drew attention from press and industry media:

EXHIBITOROnline: “Best of CES 2016, #2”

PC MAG: “The most eye-catching booth”

GEEKWIRE: “The most exotic and elaborate booth at CES”

NOTCOT: “it’s a trippy view that pulls you in… and it’s pretty over the top, yet so precisely designed."

CUBICLE CHICK: “The Audi booth was a sight to behold”

CPTM: "Best designed booth in CES2016”, “Audi’s booth at CES 2016 was a mechanistic orgy of chrome piping.”

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