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PHD GERMANY, Dusseldorf / AUDI / 2019

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Audi has a history of promoting progressive, premium driving. However, their latest launch was more than a model, it was a seminal moment for the company. Consequently, our media approach needed to be clearly differentiating whilst building on everything that constitutes the renowned Audi DNA.

Whilst this is enough of a challenge already, the campaign had to deliver against hard sales goals: increasing purchase intent for the e-tron and contributing to a market-overarching goal of e-tron car reservations with 2000€ down payment per order. The downside of our ambitious task: back in 2018, nobody had the chance to see or even drive the car. This further complicated the fact that the public discussion around e-mobility is omnipresent in Germany but hardly anybody really considers buying an EV at this early stage (EV’s constitute less than one percent of all new car registrations).


With ad reactance increasing and attention span decreasing, traditional media alone was not suited to initiate e-tron reservations among an audience that has never seen or even driven the car. We needed a trustworthy and user-initiated communication vehicle to drive involvement. Podcasts had already gone through the roof in the U.S. whilst they were still relatively untapped territory in Germany. 81% of all listeners are open to branded podcast content (Podstarts Study, 2018) and the channel is especially popular among a male, higher income audience as well as among commuters (AS&S Study, 2018) – the perfect e-tron target group! We brought the e-tron to the digital airwaves with a fully consumer-centric content approach, pushing all episodes via a number of local and global high reach podcast and streaming services. Interest was further drummed up by the means of native podcast teasers, radio, SocialMedia as well as CRM and on-platform recommendation.

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