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Audi & Spider-Man "Driver's Test"

AUDI OF AMERICA, Herndon / AUDI / 2018

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Our solution came from a rite of passage for the American teenager: the driver’s license test, which we made the premise of “Driver’s Test,” our short film.

Since we couldn’t show the A8 in full, we focused on witty dialogue based on the driver-assistance features that help Peter “drive” during his test.

To add humor, we engaged comedian J.B. Smoove as the foil and instructor, who was frustrated that the test was done by the driver-assistance features.


“Driver’s Test” is a 2-minute film that depicts the Spiderman hero Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, taking his driver's test as he turns 16. It was launched June 19, 2017, just ahead of the film’s release date later that month. “Driver’s Test” was launched with with paid and organic social support that expanded the Marvel Universe on Facebook, Twitter, and through the star’s native social profiles.

Executions included playful ads for the fictional "Wheel Teach Ya!" driving school, teasers of the Audi logo created with spider webs, and unique reactive posts where J.B. Smoove and Tom Holland responded to individual fans’ comments. “Driver’s Test” also ran in European theaters ahead of films.


Reach -- pr impressions, views, top 5 office box

In the U.S. promotional period, “Driver’s Test” videos garnered 120.9 million views across U.S. social and digital platforms, and earned the greatest number of PR impressions (143.9 million) for any Audi partnership initiative in history.

There were over 120 million views across digital and social. Owned changes saw nearly 400,000 engagements from fans. Millions of views came from 30 countries, helping to push “Spider-Man: Homecoming” to the top 5 of the international box office for 2017.

Lauded as “so authentic it felt like a deleted scene” by Marvel, and Audi fans alike, the film garnered 159,000 likes on Youtube, making it the #1 most liked piece of content Audi has ever created.

Sony liked “Driver’s Test” so much that it was a bonus feature on the official U.S. DVD release.

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