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Aurifer in Time

XCEPT, Hong Kong / CHOW TAI FOOK / 2020

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Located at Chow Tai Fook Group Tower, Shenzhen, the regional headquarter, the Brand Hall opened in May 2019 to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Chow Tai Fook (CTF) and showcase the key milestones of the group and jewellery culture over the past 90 years. CTF is proud to preserve traditional craftsmanship for younger generations to come while fostering future technology and innovation.

The Brand Hall is designed to lead on an artistic journey that encapsulates 90 years of the brand history in a nutshell, which is parallel to the history of Hong Kong. Envisioning the future with a nostalgic touch, the brand hall is an immersive pavilion “Aurifer in Time” and four exhibition zones, contributed by renowned fashion designer and production designer, for consecutive three years. The experience-oriented showcase with brand narrative is further elaborated in the Tour Exhibition in 9 cities in China.


The exhibition represents the time we were living in and the pursuit of beauty during the last century. Each jewellery piece is filled with history, culture and memories of its own time. Created in different eras, the evolution of materials and styles of these ornaments represent the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the time.

Looking back over the past 90 years with immersive experience approach, computational based with machine learning ideas applied on value of the brand and the generative algorithm is used to create an evolving journey.

A long-standing commitment to innovation and craftsmanship has contributed to the brand’s success, and has been embodied in its rich 90-year heritage. Underpinning this success are our long-held core values of “Sincerity • Eternity”. An immersive pavilion and the exhibitions lead the public, youngsters and professionals into the journey of jewellery industry during golden eras in Hong Kong for past 90 years.


A choreography mirroring the flow of time is time travelling from the past to the future eventually.

“Early Republic of China to Wartime” is set with a trotting horse lamp hung at the center of the space, referencing from traditional Chinese carvings and paper-cutting crafts.

“Post-War to The 70s” is set with neon signs to reveal the bustling late hours of the city in 70s.

“The 80s to Early 21st Century” is constructed in an infinite mirror room signify the countless number of doors to be opened aided by technologies.

“Now to The Future” is created with the illumination of one hexagonal light pillar that symbolizing the concept of collective intelligence and blockchain technology.

"MIRAU-X" represents essence of the city tour exhibition and continues the time machine concept and aesthetic spirit of "MIRAU". “MIRA” means wonder and extraordinary in Latin, and “AU” is the symbol of chemical elements in gold.


Thereafter, uniquely gold art-piece jewellery are created and exhibited at the roving exhibition. CTF • HUA strives to preserve traditional Chinese culture and gold-working craftsmanship to create gold accessories that will be passed down through generations. The collection blends popular symbols, pictographs, and decorative patterns from thousands of years ago with modern aesthetics and jewellery customs.

Every diamond is inscribed with unique serial numbers and a T MARK using self-developed, patented nano-inscription technology. Together with innovative technologies, CTF aims to provide customers with a value-added protection on T MARK diamond products.

The exhibition attracted over 10,000 visitors from across the 9 cities including the public, youngsters and professionals of jewellery industry. Under the Craftsmanship, Innovation & Technology pillar, CTF organized the 90th Anniversary branded roadshow where exhibited the aesthetics of jewellery. The success of 9 roadshows has delivered a sales revenue growth of 50% between 2019 to 2020 fiscal year.