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Autumn and Winter Fashion Show for Children of Mountainous Regions

INYOUNG, Guangzhou / TENCENT / 2020

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In the remote mountainous regions that dot China, 83,000 children still lack sufficient clothes to stop the freezing bite of winter due to poverty. Therefore, we decided to launch a philanthropic campaign and called on everyone to lend a helping hand and donate for clothing purchases for these children so that they can enjoy warmth in the winter.


In the interactive H5 “autumn and winter fashion show for children of mountainous regions”, children wore a mixture of apparel appearing “fashionable” on the catwalk, looking like an autumn and winter fashion show. Once the show was finished, though, the truth was revealed. Behind this apparel was the heartbreaking life they will return to. This strong contrast inspired the sympathy of the audience and encouraged them to make proactive donations.


By cooperating with authoritative charitable organizations such as “Tencent Charity Foundation ” and “Wardrobe of Love”, we won trust and endorsement. As autumn turned into winter, when the most attention is paid to winter apparel, we released an H5 campaign based on big data on mobile network platform with a large traffic among the groups most willing to help children in need, encouraging them to donate through mobile payments and to forward and share the program to more people.


The H5 campaign was distributed for one week on WeChat Moments, China’s largest social platform, and popular apps and network platforms such as Douban and Zhihu.

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