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Avito: Digital mirror of Russia

PRP GROUP, Moscow / AVITO / 2019

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Avito- is a world-class classifieds website and the largest one in Russia. We turned it into the most trustworthy source of information about the people’s life, culture, history, and businesses, for the mass media.


The creative idea: we are a major classifieds website that has evolved into the digital mirror of Russia

Implementation: we find information about things people sell, contemplate and present it as news, having taken the advantage of numerous regional and geographic features. Thus, we are chronicling the modern history of Russia.

- We augment plain analytics with creativity. For instance, our analyst has studied the sizes of wedding dresses across the country and written a story about where the slimmest and stoutest brides live;

- We work in a mode of real-time PR. To cite an instance, we assessed the growth of patriotism in the country during the FIFA 2018 World Cup, based on the dynamics of the demand for flags when the Russian national team won;

- We track news about products. For example, on the eve of the release of a new iPhone we analyze


We constantly work to deliver the key message proving that Avito is the industry leader. Visionary, people-centric & trustworthy.

We’re targeting the main media publications & their audience by providing an alternate view on common newsfeed topics about peoples lives in Russia.

To do so we deliver simple & real stories also replying to some significant happenings of modern Russia.


We are running always-on monitoring across the main C2C verticals of the service. We study numerous indicators to discover the latest trends in realty, car industry, consumer goods, sports, fashion, etc. to package facts and figures into hot news pieces to content. This type of research activity allows us have create a fresh new look on what’s happening in Russia.

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