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ONE SHOT, Taipei City / AVON / 2021

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When breast cancer is detected early, the 5-year survival rate is above 90%. Yet, in Taiwan, breast cancer awareness among young people is very low. Every year brands strive to address this issue during Breast Cancer Awareness month. However, celebrity endorsements, events, and traditional one-way communication fail to drive enough attention or spread awareness for breast cancer issues. The biggest challenge became, how to use "a new method" to attract the public's attention.


One Instagram Story = 15 seconds = 1 breast cancer diagnosed in the world

According to statistics, there's one more breast cancer happening in the world in every 15 seconds and one Instagram Story also happens to be 15 seconds. Therefore, we boldly hijacked social media's most potent 15 seconds - Instagram Stories, using filters to highlight this undeniable fact to everyone, thereby turning each Story into a breast cancer awareness ad. What would otherwise be a normal 15 second Story has now become more meaningful, turning everyone into a breast cancer ambassador.


People love Instagram Stories. Globally, 500 million Instagram Stories are uploaded daily where people share their daily lives. AVON 15SecChallenge, a breast cancer awareness filter, was created In order to increase and spread breast cancer awareness. Users will not only share their daily lives in a routine 15 seconds, but will also learn the fact that in this 15 seconds, there's one more breast cancer happening in the world, coming to the realization of the importance of this awareness.


In October 2020, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AVON introduced 15SecChallenge Instgram Stories filter on their official Instagram account. At the same time, customized invitations were sent to celebrities and influencers, asking them to lead the low participation barrier “15SecChallege to (do anything)” filter, embedded with breast cancer awareness messaging, then nominate their friends and fans to participate. At the same time, AVON launched a breast cancer awareness website, with empty breasts as the key visual. As netizen’s challenges are gathered in real-time inside the breasts, before each Story ends, the breasts will fill up, preventing breasts from disappearing!


- Over 5 million organic impressions within one month of launch

- Over 100 celebrities and influencers participated

- Mass media coverage

- Created peak Google keyword search for "breast cancer" during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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