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When it comes to designing a connected device in living and working spaces, people want warmth in technology that can create intimate interactions between humans and the electronic device when needed. Awair is designed to be like a well-designed piece of furniture that blends into your spaces with its timeless and familiar design characteristics.

People believe that physical experience with the device and digital one with the app shouldn’t be dissimilar. The LED on the device is a way to convey the most important information on the app. Also, we want people to interact with the device. The idea of physically knocking on the device was introduced. It’s like asking Awair a question such as "How's the air?”. This differentiates Awair, because you can interact with it without opening an app.


Awair is a smart indoor air quality monitor keeps track of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals(VOCs), and dust. Awair analyzes pattern and trend. The app provides actionable recommendations based on user preferences such as allergy, sleep, or productivity.

The detailed measurements, timeline graph, and recommendation cards are accessible within the Awair app, however, people can understand the basics of the air quality just by looking at the device. LED matrix display on the device conveys the same Awair Score and bar graphs (sensor data reads) to the user as the app does. The information you read on both will be consistent and integrated. Each bar graph represents different measurements of the five data points.

By knocking on wooden frame twice, users can also trigger the secondary information display.


Awair came to market in Nov 2015 starting in the US/Canada and expanding to Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and HongKong. Currently Awair is available through the company's website, Amazon where we received over 4 point ratings, and selected retail partners. People says now they know when open the window, whether they need a purifier, and how to create the best sleeping, thanks to Awair.

Awair will be connected with Smart Devices such as thermostats, fans, and much more in your home.

For the business side, we are developing the sensor as a service model, giving buildings, schools, offices a tool to manage their air quality and flow. As most buildings are designed to capture the air, to drive maximum level of energy efficiency, there is a pressing needs to create better air flow. The school environment needs to be changed to help students focus more.