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JUNKEE MEDIA, Sydney / QANTAS / 2016

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We decided to follow a bold, revolutionary approach to create a meaningful, long term connection with Millennials. In a media first, Qantas partnered with a specialist Millennials Publisher and Content Agency to form a joint venture to co-create a travel media title for Millennials called AWOL.

AWOL is a mobile-first, social media driven, native custom publishing media title owned by Qantas, but created and staffed by the Publisher.

AWOL is a content platform that goes to where the Millennial audience is, with the aim of inspiring young Australians to travel the world. AWOL is a leading example of rapidly growing digital media title with a difference.


We developed a unique publishing philosophy for AWOL: mobile first, content with attitude, social at the core & ads that engage. Qantas was placed at the nucleus of the title, inspiring all content, style, imagery and designs in a co-creation process between Junkee Media and Qantas.

All content on AWOL is designed to move the consumer along the 5 stages of travel (Dreaming, Planning, Booking, Experiencing and Sharing). AWOL's content strategy is built around four key pillars: Shareable, Beyond The Headline, Inspire with Imagery & Lists and Guides.

The tone of voice takes the traditional Qantas brand values and translates them for a new Millennial audience (enthusiastic, adventurous, inspirational and free-spirited).

AWOL was launched just 11 weeks after contracts were signed, and was an immediate hit. From From March 2015 to March 2016 AWOL published 1207 pieces of content across the website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


AWOL launched November 2014 and immediately resonated with audiences and advertisers, with over 3.1 million visits since launch. It's been successful as a media title in its own right and as a platform to shift brand sentiment of Qantas.

From March 2015 to March 2016 there have been 2.7m visits to AWOL, 29m content engagements (reads, views, clicks, likes, comments and shares) and 6.3m video views of original content across Facebook and YouTube. Over $350,000 of advertising revenue from brands like Olympus and Contiki has been generated and re-invested back into building AWOL.

18 to 35 year-old Qantas Frequent Flyers are the only only age demographic in growth for segments flown (up 3%) and independent research studies have shown a 42% increase in Millennials likelihood to fly Qantas, 30% increase in positive impression, 48% increase in likelihood to recommend and a doubling of Millennials who think Qantas is "becoming cool".

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